IGBC Green Townships

IGBC Green Townships rating system is a tool which enables the designer to apply green concepts and criteria, so as to reduce environmental impacts that are measurable. The rating system is designed to address large developments and it is mandatory to include residential development as part of the township.

Township Defined:

A township is a combination of several communities; a community in turn is a combination of several sectors. Several townships form a city. A city typically has an administrative, legal, or historical status based on local law. A township, however, may not fall under the purview of the local government.

Township ranges in sizes and land uses. Townships are typically mixed-use in character. However, Townships can be predominantly commercial, industrial or retail but should necessarily comprise of a residential component. Atleast 25% of the total built-up area (in sq. m.) within the township should be earmarked for residential use, for it to qualify for certification.