The IGBC Green SEZ Rating System (Pilot version) is an extension of the Green SEZ guidelines. The Indian Green Building Council along with Ministry of Commerce & Industry has prepared the Green SEZ guidelines. The rating system encourages the projects to surpass the requirements of many codes and standards.

The rating programme is a tool which enables the designer to apply green concepts and criteria, so as to reduce the environmental impacts, which are measurable. The programme covers methodologies to cover diverse climatic zones and changing lifestyles.


IGBC Green SEZ Rating System is a voluntary and consensus based programme. The rating system has been developed based on materials and technologies that are presently available.

The objective of IGBC Green SEZ is to facilitate the creation of energy efficient, water efficient, healthy, comfortable and environmentally friendly SEZ.The rating system evaluates certain credit points using a prescriptive approach and other credits on a performance based approach. The rating system is evolved so as to be comprehensive and at the same time user-friendly.

The rating programme uses well accepted national standards and wherever local or national standards are not available, appropriate international benchmarks have been considered.