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IGBC Green Place of Worship

A structure or consecrated space specially designed for individuals or a group of people such as a congregation to perform acts of devotion, veneration or religious study is known as Place of Worship. Few examples of such structures are temples, churches, mosques, monasteries etc. Place of worship plays a vital role in individual lives and flourish for a very long time sometimes up to centuries witnessing the historic inter-territorial and events, and also simulators for the subsequent events.

A close look into history reveals that place of worship are the first structures to be built across any civilisation. These structures occupy a land as small as few meters and facilities that expand for thousands of acres. All the religions preach the same concept of protecting our Mother Earth and being connected to nature. Place of Worship can set perfect example of how religious beliefs demonstrate the concept of stewardship and human responsibility towards the environment.

By making place of worship green, it brings the holistic impact both at community and individual level. As place of worship instil the concept of 'We Practice What You Preach.' Therefore, not only place of worship becomes green but also encourages the individuals to lead a sustainable lifestyle

With this background, the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) launched IGBC Green Place of Worship Rating system to address the need of sustainable development in the holistic approach. This rating is voluntary & consensus-based programme and a tool which enables the designer to apply green concepts and reduce negative environmental impacts that are measurable.


There are multi fold benefits of converting the existing place of worship to green place of worship.



IGBC Place of Worship rating system addresses the sustainable aspects under the following modules

  • Site Preservation
  • Water Conservation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Health & Hygiene
  • Innovation

The guidelines detailed under each credit enables any existing places of worship to implement and enhance the green planning & design principles.



IGBC Green Places of worship rating is designed for the both existing and new places of worship of any size and typology in India.


Fee Structure

Registration Fee: Rs 5,000 + taxes as applicable

Certification Fee: Rs 75,000 + taxes as applicable

Certification Level

Type of Project Maximum Points Threshold Requirement Certification level
New Place of Worship 50 20% of points available IGBC REVERENT
Existing Place of Worship 45


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