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With rapid economic growth and a growing population, decreasing per capita average annual water availability in India has become a cause for concern. Considering the present situation, water conservation has become necessity for every project. Buildings and built environment projects are responsible for more than 10% of total water consumption. In India, the raw water is primarily sourced from ground water and due to over-exploitation of ground water, several cities/municipal corporations are facing huge gap in water demand and supply.

Several buildings from different typologies adopted green building concepts to demonstrate 20-30% reduction in water consumption with respect to the national baselines. Green concepts primarily enabled projects to harvest rainwater, improved water efficiency, wastewater treatment and reuse of treated water in process and non-process applications.

To further improve the water performance in buildings and built environment projects, IGBC launched Net Zero Water Rating system in 2020. This rating is a tool which enables the designer to apply water efficiency concepts and adopt appropriate measures for harnessing alternate water to achieve Net Zero Water Status. In case of an existing building, the tool enables implementation of water efficient measures to reduce overall water consumption and encourages projects to meet rest of the water requirements through alternate water.



IGBC Net Zero Water rating system enables reduction in water consumption and use of alternate water to meet the water demand. The benefits of adopting Net Zero Water concepts in a building/ project are as below:

  • Improvement in water efficiency and hence reduction in annual water consumption to the tune of about 30-50% with respect to the National baseline.
  • Overall reduction in water cost by 30%.
  • Reduce dependency on raw water.

The intangible benefits of Net Zero Water include compliance to local regulation and promote water conservation. The rating system evaluates buildings on a performance-based approach. The rating system is evolved to be comprehensive and at the same time user-friendly. The programme is fundamentally designed to reduce the water demand of a building and address national priorities such as:

  • Reducing the National water demand by enhancing wate efficiency.
  • Harnessing alternate water to reduce water demand.
  • Reducing dependency on raw water consumption.
  • Promote water conservation at National level, to ensure water security.


IGBC Net Zero Water System addresses water efficiency and encourages for harnessing alternate water. The guidelines detailed mandatory requirement & credit enables the design and construction of buildings/projects of all sizes and types (as defined in the scope).

IGBC Net Zero Water Rating System is designed for both New and Existing building and built environment projects. The project team can evaluate all the possible points to apply under the rating system using a checklist. The project can apply for IGBC Net Zero Water Rating System certification if the project can meet all mandatory requirements and is able to demonstrate that the Water Performance Ratio is at least 0.75.

A building or built environment project to achieve Near Net Zero Water certification, Water Performance Ratio (% use of alternate water to total water consumption) shall be more than 0.75 (but less than 1); to obtain Net Zero Water certification, net raw water consumption shall be zero and further to achieve Net Water Positive (Platinum rating) Status, the water given back to source shall be more than 1.05.



IGBC Net Zero Water Rating is designed for both new and existing building and built environment projects. These buildings include (but are not limited to) Offices, IT parks, Banks, Shopping malls, Hotels, Hospitals, Transit facilities (Airports Metro and Railway Stations), Convention centres, Educational institutions (Schools, Colleges, University campuses etc.) and industrial buildings (factory buildings and Warehouses).


Certification Level

TThe threshold criteria for certification levels are as under :

Certification Level Recognition
Near Net Zero Water Best Practices
Net Zero Water National Excellence
Net Water Positive (Platinum) Global Leadership

IGBC will recognise Net Zero Water Buildings that achieve one of the rating levels with a formal letter of certification and a mountable plaque. Net Zero Water certification can be awarded either at Design Stage or during Operation. A building which achieves Net Zero Water Certification at Design State must showcase Net Zero Water Performance after one year of operation.


Fee Structure

Registration Fee*:
Members 25,000
Non Members 30,000

Certification Fee*:
Membership category and Certification Fee Built-up area:
5,000 sq.m & below
Built-up area:
5,001 sq.m to 50,000 sq m
Built-up area:
50,001 sq.m & above
IGBC Founding Member 1,90,000 190,000 + additional Rs. 4.0/sq.m over & above 5000 sq.m 4,50,000
IGBC Annual Member 2,00,000 200,000 + additional Rs. 4.25/sq.m over & above 5000 sq.m 4,60,000
IGBC Non-Member 2,10,000 210,000 + additional Rs. 4.50/sq.m over & above 5000 sq.m 4,70,000

Combined Certification Fee for Net Zero Energy and Water*:

Membership category and Certification Fee Built-up area:
5,000 sq.m & below
Built-up area:
5,001 sq.m to 50,000 sq m
Built-up area:
50,001 sq.m & above
IGBC Founding Member 2,85,000 285,000 + additional Rs. 6/sq.m over & above 5000 sq.m 5,80,000
IGBC Annual Member 3,00,000 300,000 + additional Rs. 6.25/sq.m over & above 5000 sq.m 5,90,000
IGBC Non-Member 3,15,000 315,000 + additional Rs. 6.50/sq.m over & above 5000 sq.m 6,00,000

* Fee is exclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST)
* Parking areas need not be considered as part of the built-up area
* Registration and Certification fees are non-refundable
* Membership discounts can be availed only if the Project Owner or Developer is a member of IGBC



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