IGBC Green Education

IGBC Green Education

The Green Building movement in the country is growing faster and is creating enormous demand for the trained professionals for design, construction, operation and maintenance of Green Buildings. Apart from building sector, there is a demand for trained professionals in the manufacturing industries producing products, materials and technologies for the building sector. In order to meet the growing demand of trained professionals, IGBC has launched the Green Education Program.


Enable India to have the largest pool of trained professionals in Green Built Environment by 2025.

Core Purpose

  • Enable Educational Institutions to develop Industry-ready professionals trained on green concepts
  • Facilitate Industry - Academia linkage.

Green Education Programmes

As part of the Green Education programme, IGBC is offering a course on Green Built Environment for architectural and engineering college students. The education institutions may integrate this course as part of their curriculum or offer as an elective.

Features of the course:

  • 45 hours Certification Course on Green Built Environment.
  • Online Training by IGBC experts for 25 hours.
  • Advanced Training for Faculty .
  • Workshops on Advance Tools for Evaluation of Green Building Performance.
  • Webinars on exclusive green building concepts & technologies.

Key Focus Areas

  • Introduction to Green Buildings & Green Built Environment.
  • Sustainable Sites.
  • Water Management.
  • Energy Conservation in Buildings.
  • Sustainable Building Materials.
  • Environment Friendly Indoors.
  • Case studies.


  • Undergraduate Students (final year students).

  •   o   Architecture.
      o   Civil Engineering.
      o   Mechanical Engineering.

  • Postgraduate Students.

  •   o   Any specialisation having Bachelor's degree in Architecture, Civil or Mechanical        Engineering.

Benefits to Students

  • Enable students to become industry-ready.
  • Exposure to Green concepts in design, construction & operation of buildings.
  • Exposure to Green Building trends & technologies.
  • Acquire knowledge on IGBC Green Building Rating Systems.
  • Exposure to Green Building Case Studies.
  • Certification as 'IGBC Accredited Professional (AP) - Associate'.

Benefits to Colleges & Faculty

  • Institution:

  •     o   Brings in Industry academia linkage.
        o   Institution become preferred destination for recruitmen.
        o   Capacity building for the faculty of institute.

  • Faculty:

  •     o   Training and capacity building on trends & technologies of Green concepts.
        o   Enhanced networking with Industry experts.
        o   Recognition as 'IGBC Accredited faculty'.

Contact Us

For more details, please contact:

Sri Rekha
Email Id:  rekha.mavulati@cii.in
Phone number : +91(40) 4418 5113


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