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Government Incentives to IGBC-rated Green Building Projects

IGBC is very closely working with several Central and State Government agencies to promote the green building movement in the country. Some of the Central and State Government agencies have given recognition to IGBCs' Green Rating Systems. The list of incentives provided are appended below:

  • The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC), Government of India, offers fast track environmental clearance for green building projects which are Precertified/ Provisionally Certified by IGBC.

  • Government of Punjab

  • Government of Rajasthan
    • Urban Development Department offers additional 0.075, 0.10 and 0.15 BAR free of charge for projects which are rated Silver, Gold and Platinum respectively by IGBC.

    • Rajasthan Investment Promotion Scheme - 2019 offers Enterprises of MSME sector a subsidy in the form of reimbursement of 50% of amount paid to the suppliers for the plant, excluding civil work, for adopting Green Building Measures (means process or technology adopted to obtain green rating under Indian Green Building Council) for building having a minimum floor space of 2,000 sq mtrs, subject to a maximum of Rs Fifty Lakhs only and this shall be a one time assistance.

  • Government of West Bengal

  • All IGBC rated green building projects in the MSME sector shall be eligible for financial assistance at concessional rates from Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI).

  • Government of Uttar Pradesh

  • Government of Andhra Pradesh
    • The Industries & Commerce Department offers 25% subsidy on total fixed capital investment of the project (excluding cost of land, land development, preliminary and preoperative expenses and consultancy fees) for buildings which obtain green rating from IGBC. This incentive is applicable for MSME and large industries.

    • Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department offers the following incentives to projects obtaining the rating from IGBC:

      • 20% Reduction on Permit Fees
      • If the property is sold within three years, one-time reduction of 20% on Duty on Transfer of Property (Surcharge on Stamp Duty) on the submission of Occupancy Certificate issued by the Local Authority.

  • Government of Himachal Pradesh (Town & Country Planning Deptt) offers an additional 10% FAR for projects which are granted Gold / Platinum rating by IGBC.

  • Urban Development and Housing Department, Government of Jharkhand offers an additional FAR of 3%, 5% and 7% for Green Buildings rated by IGBC as Silver, Gold and Platinum respectively.

  • Government of Haryana (Town & Country Planning Department), as per amendment in chapter 6 of the Haryana Building Code 2017 on 8 May 2018, offers an additional FAR (Floor Area Ratio) of 9%, 12% and 15% for Green Buildings rated as Silver, Gold and Platinum respectively by IGBC.

  • Government of Maharashtra

  • Government of Gujarat
    • Gujrat Tourism Policy 2021-25 offers reimbursement of 50% of Certification fee, with a maximum limit of INR 10.0 lakh, to hotel / wellness resorts obtaining green rating from Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

    • Industries Commissionerate, Industries and Mines Department provides incentive upto 50% of consulting charges, with a maximum limit of INR 2.50 lakh, for Industrial Buildings with green rating from Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

    • Climate Change Department offers reimbursement up to INR 3 lakhs OR 50% of IGBC Certification fee, whichever is lesser, to projects obtaining green building certification from IGBC.

  • Refinancing at competitive interest rate, as part of the Sunref - Affordable Green Housing India programme for designated Primary Lending Institutions (PLIs). The loans from these PLIs is meant for buyers and project developers of residential projects (targeting EWS, LIG, MIG income groups) which achieve Gold or Platinum under IGBC Green Homes Rating and IGBC Green Affordable Housing Rating. The developers of such projects can also get the cost of IGBC certification reimbursed as part of the Sunref programme.

  • Government of Tamil Nadu

    • TN Industrial Policy 2021, offers a 25% subsidy on the cost of setting up environmental protection infrastructure, subject to a limit of Rs. 1 cr., for industrial projects that obtain IGBC green certification. Projects establishing or expanding industrial units, industrial parks, R&D projects, warehousing and logistics parks shall be eligible for availing this Green Industry Incentive.

    • TN Data Centre Policy 2021, offers Data Centre Units undertaking green and sustainable initiatives as per IGBC rating shall be eligible for a 25% subsidy on cost of undertaking such initiatives, subject to an upper limit of Rs. 5 Crore. (Document attached to be linked with TN data Centre Policy 2021)

  • Government of Kerala

    • Local Self Government Department has approved up to 50% reduction in One time building tax, up to 1% reduction in Stamp duty and up to 20% reduction in Property tax for projects obtaining green building certification from IGBC.

  • Government of Uttarakhand

    • Uttarakhand Tourism Policy 2030 offers additional FAR is permissible for IGBC Platinum rated Tourism units in the following way:

      • Main building (platinum rated): 0.2
      • Hill/colonial architectural facade (as per local scenario): 0.2
      • Both, Green building (platinum rated) and Hill/colonial architectural facade (as per local scenario): 0.3

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