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While rapid urbanisation, growing cities provide various opportunities, there are fallouts in terms of proliferation of slums, high prices of land and building materials which render houses unaffordable for the segment at the bottom of the pyramid. Therefore, the need for adequate housing for the low-income groups will substantially increase.

Most importantly, while we create housing for these sections of the society, they need to be green too. The principles of green and sustainability are fortunately or unfortunately community-agnostic, in the sense that they also need to handle wastages a bit more carefully, be thrifty in the usage of energy & water, handle waste in a hygienic manner to avoid outbreak of epidemics, reduced use of virgin materials and above all enhance their own quality of lives.

Housing that is appropriate to the needs of a household and within their means to pay along with being environment conscious. The means (or capacity) of a household to pay for their housing depends on three primary factors:

  • The income of the household;
  • The cost of appropriate housing; and
  • Other essential living costs to be met by the household, such as food and household goods, transport, education and healthcare.
The influencing parameters for such housing will take into consideration various design characteristics of the housing, alongside social, economic and cultural attributes of the household. With this background, IGBC has launched the Green Affordable Housing Rating. Some central indicators of green affordable housing would be:
  • Standard and quality of housing
  • Availability of basic amenities
  • Located close to the services, jobs and community facilities
  • Energy and water efficient
  • Cost efficient in maintenance & operations
The overarching objective of this rating would be to ensure a high degree of sustainability with no / meagre additional cost to the developer or the occupant. Therefore, the approach is to selectively adopt those measures that are simple and yet have profound impacts in conserving the environment.

To facilitate wider implementation, the rating system is made simple, practical and easily implementable. The economic payback periods for various measures have also been considered.

IGBC would strive to reach out the sustainability principles amongst the affordable housing community. This is a wonderful opportunity for the country to be a trend-setter amongst other countries in addressing such sections of the society.


Green concepts and techniques in the affordable housing sector can help address the following:

  • Reduction in energy and water consumption
  • Improved health and hygiene
  • Better sanitation
  • Better ventilation and light in the dwellings
  • Fuel savings in transit of people to work places & associated pollution



IGBC Green Affordable Housing rating system addresses green features under the following categories:

  • Site Measures
  • Water Conservation
  • Energy Conservation
  • Materials Conservation
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Innovation & Design Process
The guidelines detailed under each mandatory requirement & credit enables the design and construction of green affordable housing. However, every dwelling unit should meet certain mandatory requirements, which are non-negotiable.



The Green Affordable Housing Rating is applicable for housing projects designed with carpet-area up to 60 sq m per dwelling unit in metros and 90 sq m per dwelling unit in non-metro cities.

IGBC Green Affordable Housing Rating System is designed for rating New and Major renovation of affordable multi-dwelling residential buildings/ units.


Certification Levels

The threshold criteria for certification/pre-certification levels are as under:

Certification Level Multi-dwelling Residential Unit Recognition
Certified 38 - 44 Best Practices
Silver 45 - 51 Outstanding Performance
Gold 52 - 59 National Excellence
Platinum 60 - 65 Global Leadership


Fee Structure

Registration Fee

Category Registration Fee (Rs)
IGBC Members 25,000
Non Members 30,000

Precertification Fee

Category Dwelling units less than <100 (Rs) Dwelling units 101 - 500 (Rs) Dwelling units 501 - 1000 (Rs) Dwelling units more than 1001+(Rs)
Founding Members 65,000 70,000 1,25,000 1,70,000
IGBC Annual Members 75,000 95,000 1,50,000 1,95,000
Non-Members 85,000 1,20,000 1,75,000 2,20,000

Certification Fee

Category Dwelling units less than <100 (Rs) Dwelling units 101 - 500 (Rs) Dwelling units 501 - 1000 (Rs) Dwelling units more than 1001+ (Rs)
Founding Memberss 85,000 Rs 75,000 + Rs 200 per additional Dwelling Unit beyond 100 Dwelling Unit Rs 1,75,000 + Rs 300 per additional Dwelling Unit beyond 500 Dwelling Unit 3,45,000
IGBC Annual Members 90,000 Rs 1,00,000 + Rs 200 per additional Dwelling Unit beyond 100 Dwelling Unit Rs 2,00,000 + Rs 300 per additional Dwelling Unit beyond 500 Dwelling Unit 3,70,000
Non-Members 95,000 Rs 1,25,000 + Rs 200 per additional Dwelling Unit beyond 100 Dwelling Unit Rs 2,25,000 + Rs 300 per additional Dwelling Unit beyond 500 Dwelling Unit 3,95,000

* Parking areas need not be considered as part of the built-up area
* Fee is exclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST)
* Registration, Precertification, Provisional Certification and Certification fee are non-refundable
* Membership discounts can be availed only if the Project Owner or Developer is a
  member of IGBC

Note: The revised fee structure for IGBC Affordable Housing would be effect from 1 Jan 2023.t

Payment Details:

* Payment can be done through Online options - Debit Card, Credit Card and Net Banking.


Abridged Reference Guide
IGBC Green Affordable Housing version 2.0

Note: IGBC Affordable Housing Ver 2.0 is effective from 1 January 2023.  All the projects registering           further to this date shall consider only version 2.0 rating guidelines


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