IGBC Green Railway Stations

CII-IGBC with the support of Environment Directorate of Indian Railway has developed the Green Railway Stations rating system. IGBC Green Railway Stations rating system is a voluntary and consensus based programme.

IGBC Green Railway Stations rating system is the first of its kind holistic rating in India to address environmental sustainability in Indian railway stations. The overarching objective of the rating is to facilitate adoption of green concepts, thereby reduce the adverse environmental impacts due to station operation & maintenance, and enhance the overall commuter experience at station. The rating system will help the station management to understand their present position with respect to the 'green performance' of the station and the measures that need to be taken to enhance the performance on a continual basis.


By applying the green concepts in the design & construction, the following benefits are envisaged over conventional railway station.
Indian Railways:
  • Operational savings through
  • Reduction in electrical energy consumption towards non-traction upto 40%
  • Water consumption reduction for station applications upto 30%
  • Effective Waste management during operation of station
  • Improved station facility management
  • Opportunity to increase environmental awareness among all Indian Railways staff
  • Improved accessibility to stations, thereby enabling easier first mile & last mile connectivity
  • Effective ventilation & indoor environment quality
  • Enhanced health, well-being & safety of commuters
  • User-friendly design for differently abled & elderly people
Other Environmental Benefits:
  • Reduction in energy consumption and hence the reduction in the associated environmental impacts.
  • Increased use of renewable energy sources, thereby minimising the fossil fuel energy use
  • Improved waste management, thereby avoiding waste being sent to land-fills
  • Use of eco-friendly construction materials thereby reducing the dependency on the use of virgin materials


Green Railway Stations rating system is designed primarily for existing Indian railway stations. The stations under major redevelopment can also apply for Green Railway Stations rating.

The steps involved as part of Green Railway Station rating:
  1. Training for the Railway Station operation and Maintenance personnel on 'Green Railway Station'.
  2. Performance improvement study including detailed study on opportunities for:
    • Reducing energy & water consumption
    • Increasing renewable energy
    • Effective waste management
    • Enhancing passenger amenities, etc.
  3. Guidance on implementation of green measures.
  4. Facilitation of assessment by Third Party independent experts
  5. Award of 'Green Railway Station Rating'

Fee Structure

Fee Structure (applicable for projects where consultant has been appointed)
Category of Railway Station Registration Fee Certification Fee
NSG 1 INR 25,000 INR 2,75,000
  • Fee is exclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • Registration and Certification fee are non-refundable
Fee Structure (applicable for projects where consultant has not been appointed)
Category of Railway Station
NSG 1 Rs 6,00,000
NSG 5 Rs 5,00,000
SG 1
SG 2
SG 3
HG 1 Rs 3,50,000
HG 2
HG 3
Note :

Indian Railway stations have been clubbed into 3 groups i.e. Non-suburban (NSG), Suburban (SG) and Halt (HG), based on both number of footfalls and passenger earnings. Further these station groups have been put in grades ranging from 1-6, 1-3 and 1-3 respectively

  • Fee is exclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • Payment pattern is as follows:
    • 40% fee to be paid with release of work order & duly filled IGBC registration form
    • Remaining 60% fee to be paid before the award of certification
  • Certification fee is non-refundable
Payment Details:
  • Payment can be done through Online options - Debit Card, Credit Card and Net Banking.

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