IGBC Green Places of Worship Rating System

The sustainable aspects of green places of worship are addressed in the rating system under the following modules:
  • Site Preservation
  • Water Conservation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Health & Hygiene
  • Innovation

The guidelines detailed under each credit enables any existing places of worship to implement and enhance the green planning & design principles. IGBC Green Places of worship rating is applicable to all existing and new places of worship in India. The place of worship authority can evaluate all the possible points to apply under the rating system using the IGBC Green Place of worship checklist.

Benefits of Green Places of Worship

The green places of worship will adopt a holistic approach to sustainability and will set an example for the places of worship in the country to adopt green principles. The conversion of existing place of worship to green place of worship would result in multifold benefits.

Tangible Benefits:
  • Reduced water demand (20-30% Water savings)
  • Reduced power demand (30-40% Energy savings)
  • Better handling of waste Intangible Benefits
Intangible Benefits:
  • Access to public transport, universally designed
  • Hygiene, access to safe drinking water & sanitation

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