IGBC Green Existing Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS)

IGBC Green Existing MRTS rating system is a voluntary and consensus based programme. The rating system has been developed with the support of IGBC Green Existing MRTS Technical Committee under the leadership of Mr A K Gupta, Director (Electrical), Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited.

The rating system is a tool to enable operational Rail based MRTS to apply green concepts and sustain performance of system with respect to the green features during operation, so as to further reduce environmental impacts that are measurable. The overarching objective of IGBC Green Existing MRTS Rating is to facilitate MRTS operators in implementation of green strategies, measure their impacts and sustain the performance in the long run, while enhancing commuter comfort & experience.


By applying the green concepts in the operational phase, the following additional benefits are envisaged over conventional MRTS for the Environment, Metro Rail Authorities, Metro Rail Operators and Commuters:

  • Reduced dependency on private vehicles, thereby minimizing the environmental impacts associated with the use of fossil fuels
  • Enhanced station accessibility to improve first & last mile connectivity and achieve maximum ridership
  • Maximize resource efficiency
  • Improved station indoor environment
  • Increased environmental awareness among commuters
  • Enhanced commuting comfort and experience


All existing Rail based MRTS projects can apply for IGBC Green Existing MRTS Rating, if the lines / phase are operational for a minimum of 2 years and meet all the mandatory requirements and achieve the minimum required credit points.

Lines / phase already certified and operational for more than 2 years are also eligible to apply for IGBC Green Existing MRTS certification.

List of Rail based MRTS projects applicable under IGBC Green Existing MRTS Rating are as under:
  1. Metro Rail Systems
  2. Mono Rail Systems

The current pilot version of IGBC Green Existing MRTS Rating Abridged Reference Guide is only applicable for Metro Rail Systems. IGBC would release applicability guide of IGBC Green Existing MRTS Rating for Mono Rail systems at a later date.

Scope of IGBC Green Existing MRTS Rating for Metro Rail systems includes Elevated stations, Underground stations, At grade stations and Viaduct / Tunnel.

For the purpose of rating, the project team has to define a clear site boundary which includes but not limited to:
  • Station building, Ancillary facilities, Parking, Hardscape/ Softscape area around station etc.
  • Except for Property Development areas within the station, other Property Development areas outside / above stations are excluded from the scope of IGBC Green Existing MRTS Rating.

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