Enhanced Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centres A Joint Initiative of IGBC and LBNL (DOE) US

About the Project


Data centres have assumed tremendous importance in the last decade as India continues to become more and more digital. They contribute significantly to several National benefits including the ways Businesses are done, reduction in fossil fuel use by reducing travel for trade & domestic transactions, man-day savings involved in day-to-day activities, IT enabled services, speed of communications, employment generation and several others. IT infrastructure and data centres are vital in translating the country's vision of emerging as 'Digital India'.

Data centres are huge power guzzlers and require uninterrupted power supply for maintaining stability of operations even at times of power fluctuations and outages in order to eliminate unavailability or loss of data. Globally, data centres account for about 3% of energy use, equivalent to about 200 million tons of carbon emissions, which is expected to grow by over 30% every year. Thus, there is a requirement to bring about a transformation in the way data centres are designed and operated maintained to further reduce energy use. CII-IGBC and LBNL have been working together from several years to introduce energy efficiency in Indian Data Centres. Our joint efforts would enable the DC industry to gain global competency and also to demonstrate energy performance near to global benchmarking.

About LBNL

The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), commonly referred to as Berkeley Lab, is a United States national laboratory that conducts scientific research on behalf of the United State's Department of Energy (DOE). The Department of Energy-led Centre of Expertise for Energy Efficiency in Data Centres (CoE) demonstrates national leadership in decreasing the energy use of data centres. Through the supply of technical support, tools, best practices, analyses, and the introduction of technologies, CoE assists federal agencies and other organizations implement data centre energy efficiency projects. The CoE partners with key public and private stakeholders to further efficiency efforts.

For more information, please visit:
Department of Energy's Centre for Expertise (CoE) for Energy Efficiency in Data Centres, https://datacenters.lbl.gov/indian-data-centers-initiative

About IGBC Green Data Centres Rating

IGBC developed and launched Green Data Centre rating system in 2016 to offer services to the growing Data Centre industry. Key focus of the rating system is to introduce Energy Efficiency in data centre projects as part of sustainability concepts. The rating system enables data centre projects to demonstrate optimised energy performance and encourage to deploy advanced technological solutions to sustain energy cost savings. Joint initiative of IGBC and LBNL would further strengthen the rating system (while addressing energy efficiency in Chiller, Cooling, Electrical systems and IT-Hardware & Management).

For more info, please visit:
IGBC Green Data Center

Technical Committee

A National level Technical Committee - Advisory Group Members (AGM) formed as part of the joint initiative of IGBC and LBNL - "Enhanced Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centres". AGM are key stakeholders, leaders from the top data centre projects (enterprise as well as colocation DCs), equipment manufacturers/suppliers, service providers, heads of DC facilities and premier DC consultants. AGM has Technical sub-groups which are headed by Task Force Chairman.

AGM meeting is conducted annually and offers an opportunity for members to interact, exchange ideas, hold open discussions, and provide feedback on the recommendations for energy efficiency in data centres. The advisory group meetings were held on 17 July 2018 and 17 July 2019. The recommendations in the form of User Guide are submitted to Government Agencies/ Departments (including BEE) for further consideration in the Code/ Standard and guidelines to be released for the benefit of the whole industry.

Advisory Group Members

Name Designation


Mr Syed Mohamed Beary
CMD, Bearys Group & Chairman, IGBC Bangalore Chapter


Mr Angelo Barboza
GM & Head APAC Region, Rittal India


Mr Ashish Rakheja
Managing Partner, AEON Consultants


Mr B. Rajput
Senior Technical Director, National Information Centre


Mr Biju Jacob John
AVP - Solutions Engineering & Bids Management, Solutions Engineering, Netmagic (An NTT Company)


Mr Chaitanya Tamhankar


Mr Hiren Shah
Sr Manager, Reliance Industries Ltd


Mr John Booth
Managing Director, Carbon3IT Ltd


Dr Kanwal Sujit
CEO, Terralive Environ Tech Pvt Ltd


Mr K M Shankar
Senior Manager - Data Centre Operations, STT GDC


Mr Kiran A J
Regional Manager - Infrastructure, Infosys, Bangalore


Mr Mallikarjun V Patil
CEO, Apt Data Centre Consultants India LLP


Mr Manoj Kapil
Practice Head, Data Centres and O&M Services, Wipro Ltd.


Mr Mario Dias
Manager-Fac Operations, Workplace Resources, NetApp


Mr Murari Sinhal
Gr. Sr Vice President, Reliance Industries Limited


Mr Mahesh Trivedi
Sr. Executive Vice President, Netmagic - NTT


Mr N K Singh
Senior Director, Business Development - South Asia, Uptime Institute


Mr Pankaj R. Wadhwa
Managing Director, Vastunidhi Architects


Mr Punit Desai
Regional Manager - Infrastructure, Infosys


Mr Pushpendra Pandey
Program Manager - IT Infrastructure & Data Centre Operations, IBM Global Technology Services


Mr R. Rajkumar
VP-IT, Infosys Limited


Mr Rajkumar Kambar
DC Manager Asia - Intel


Mr Ranvijay Roy
Consultant, Wipro Limited


Mr Saurabh Diddi
Director, Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Govt. of India


Ms Shatakshi Suman
Assistant Project Manager (ECBC), Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Govt. of India


Mr Shashi Bhushan Prasad
Vice President - Projects, STT GDC


Mr Saurabh Diddi
Director, Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Govt. of India


Mr Shekhar Dasgupta
Founder, GreenField Software Private Ltd.


Mr Shrirang Deshpande
Country Head-Data Centre Business (India), Vertiv Energy Pvt Ltd.


Ms Shalini Singh
Senior Sustainability Manager, Office of the CTO, VMware


Mr Shubham Agarwal
Manager, Green Initiative, Infosys, Bangalore


Mr Siddharth Jain
Managing Director, EPI-India


Mr Vinit Gupta
Country Head Marketing, Numeric


Mr Vinod Kulkarni
Facility Manager, NetApp India Private Limited


Mr Mayank Srivastav
Director - Data Center Practice, Schneider Electric

Task Force Chairman

Chiller Plant


Mr P.C. Lohia
Senior Vice President - HVAC, Reliance Industries Ltd.
Electrical System


Mr Pritam Goyal
Senior Program Manager - Data Center Planning Azure Global, Microsoft.
Room Cooling


Mr Raghuveer Singh
Director -Thermal Management, Vertiv Energy Private Limited.
IT Hardware & Management


Mr Vivek Rajendran
Director, Software Engineering, Dell EMC, Infrastructure.

Project Team: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) US

Name Designation


Mr Dale Sartor
PE, Staff Engineer


Mr Steve Greenberg
PE, Facilities Energy Management Engineer


Ms Hannah Stratton
Project Manager


Mr Ian Hoffman
Senior Scientific Engineering Associate


Mr Kim Traber
Principal, Traber Engineers

Project Team: Confederation of Indian Industries (CII)

Name Designation


Mr S. Srinivas
Principal Advisor, CII-GBC Hyderabad


Mr S. Karthikeyan
Principal Counsellor, CII-GBC Hyderabad


Dr Shivraj Dhaka
Senior Counsellor, CII-GBC Hyderabad


Mr Yasin Khan
Counsellor, CII-GBC Hyderabad

Outreach Activities

2nd AGM | Bangalore| 17 July 2019
2nd Advisory Group Meeting 2019, Hotel Taj Westend Bangalore
1st AGM | Bangalore | 17 July 2018
1st Advisory Group Meeting 2018, Infosys Bangalore
Workshops and Conferences:
1. One-Day workshop/Conference | Hyderabad | July 2019 (CII-IGBC, LBNL, ANSI, USTDA and BIS).

Lighting lamp ceremoney (from left: Ms. Mehnaz Ansari, USTDA Country Representative-South Asia, Embassy of United States of America, Ms. Aileen Nandi, Minister Counselor, Commercial Affairs, U.S. Embassy, Mr Sunil Khanna, Past Chairman, CII Maharashtra State Council and President & MD, Vertiv Energy Pvt Ltd, Mr Dale Sartor, Chief Scientist, LBNL, Mr. Syed Mohammed Beary, Chairman, IGBC Bangalore Chapter and CMD, Bearys Group and Mr S Karthikeyan, Principal Counsellor, CII-GBC).

Mr Ashish Rakheja, moderating Panel Discussion on 'Role of Code Compliance in Achieving Higher Energy Efficiency'
2. Half Day Workshop | Mumbai | May 2019
3.Half-day National Workshop | Bangalore | February 2019
4.Half-day National Workshop | Mumbai | July 2018
5. Half-day National Workshop | Bangalore | July 2017
6.Infosys Data Centre Visit | Bangalore | July 2018
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Objectives and Reports of Phase-3:

Develop a User Guide for Implementation of ECBC (2017) in Data Centres.
Recommend additional Standards, level-2 ("reach" standards) and level-3 ("super-efficient") data centre efficiency standards to augment the minimum requirements included in the ECBC 2017.
Capacity building of stakeholders: Organise awareness and training programmes for DC stakeholders.
Identify & document case studies that demonstrate best practices in India, including compliance with ECBC 2017.

Objectives and Reports of Phase-2:

Accelerating Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centres

Phase-II of the "Accelerating Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centres" initiative built on Phase-I findings related to international best practices and how existing energy efficiency standards in India could address data centres. The Indian standards to Phase-II were the Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC), which is Prescriptive or Performance Based (Mandatory Code); and the Perform, Achieve & Trade (PAT) market-based scheme in which BEE sets sector-specific benchmarks and gives targets to Designated Consumers (DC).

Phase-II consisted of two main activities: the development of recommendations for incorporating data centre specific requirements into the 2016 / 2017 revision of ECBC and the evaluation of various Energy Performance Metrics for reporting data centre energy efficiency under a PAT-type programme. Comprehensive policy review and stakeholder engagement were instrumental in both activities.

Timeline: October 2015 - September 2016


Objectives and Reports of Phase-1

Accelerating Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centres

Phase-I consisted of three main activities: a comprehensive review of existing energy efficiency policy in India and data centre standards from around the world; analysis of these international standards for energy efficiency, including metrics, to the Indian context; and stakeholder engagement through an online survey and in-person workshop.

Phase1-report: https://www.osti.gov/servlets/purl/1249186

The Phase-I study of over 20 international energy efficiency standards identified ASHRAE 90.1, 90.4 and California Title 24 as warranting further view to guide the integration of data centres into ECBC

Upcoming Activities

Half-Day Online Workshop on Green Data Centers: "Enhanced Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centres", on 19 August 2020. Presentations Agenda
2nd Half-Day Online Workshop on Green Data Centers:  "Enhanced Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centres", on 29 September 2020.

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Mr Dale Sartor, PE
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Dr Shivraj Dhaka
CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre (GBC)
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